Company History

We are specialized in the research, development and sales of household appliances.
Our products include heating elements, various switches, thermostats, coffee makers, electric kettle tubes, etc. We are especially good at oven accessories rotary
switches, motors, heating tubes. Headquartered in Lianyungang, a beautiful seaside city in Jiangsu Province, China, with the Yellow Sea to the east and South Korea, Korea andJapan across the sea. It has a long history of Huaguoshan scenic area. Lianyungang port is an important part of the Eurasian intermodal transport route. Here
is 500 km away from Shanghai port 300 km from Qingdao port. Excellent location. Water, land and air transportation is extremely convenient.
The warehouses are located in Zhejiang and Suzhou respectively, and the distance from the warehouses to the ports of Lianyungang, Shanghai, Qingdao and Ningbo is short and the transportation is very convenient. Greatly
It saves a lot of time for delivery and enables customers to receive the goods as soon as possible.

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